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1. Is it important to tax the rich more to reduce the wealth gap?
No, and we should have a flat tax so everyone's tax rate is the same

2. How should we deal with illegal immigrants?
Deport them
Prevent them from working so they leave
Allow them to become legal residents

3. Should the government be allowed to borrow more money even though it is already in debt?

4. How should the government ensure that Americans receive health care?
Keep the ObamaCare system
Repeal ObamaCare and let people buy insurance if they want
The government should pay for health care for everyone

5. What should be done to prevent more mass shootings in America?
Pass new gun control laws
Better enforce existing gun control laws
Make it easier for Americans to own guns, so people can defend themselves

6. Is police brutality against African Americans a problem?
No. Aside from rare instances, police officers already treat African Americans fairly

7. Should the government do more to prevent climate change due to burning of oil and gas?

8. Gay marriage should
Be legal
Be illegal
Be left to the states to decide

9. How should America fight ISIS?
Send U.S. troops
Airstrikes and support for other countries to fight ISIS
America does not need to fight ISIS

10. How should America respond to Russian aggression?
Push back, even if it risks war
Impose economic sanctions only
Give Russia space to do what it wants

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