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John Kasich

John Kasich (Republican, born May 13, 1952) is the current governor of Ohio having served in that capacity since 2010. Prior to being governor, he served nine terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 2001. He spent 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee and six years as chairman of the House Budget Committee. (Wikipedia)

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Kasich's positions on the issues:


Is it important to tax the rich more to reduce the wealth gap?

Kasich says: No.

From "The federal government's high taxes and complex tax code are barriers to economic growth whose negative effects are especially harmful as America's economic recovery continues to struggle. John Kasich will work with Congress to cut personal and business taxes, simplify the tax code and initiate a top-to-bottom review of our tax system to eliminate barriers to innovation, and root-out bias, arrogance and corruption in the Internal Revenue Service."


How should we deal with illegal immigrants?

Kasich says: Allow them to become legal residents.

From CNN: "Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Wednesday he would complete a border fence and crack down on illegal immigration if elected president, but he refused to slam the door on a possible pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the U.S. "I would prefer for them to be legalized once we find out who they are because they can - I think they contribute a lot to America," Kasich told CNN's Dana Bash on "The Lead.""

The Deficit

Should the government be allowed to borrow more money even though it is already in debt?

Kasich says: No.

From "As chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee, John Kasich led the historic effort to balance the federal budget for the first time in a generation, cut taxes, start paying down the national debt held by the public and generate a projected $5 trillion surplus."

Health Care

How should the government ensure that Americans receive health care?

Kasich says: Repeal ObamaCare and let people buy insurance if they want.

From "John Kasich believes Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with efforts that instead improve access by actually lowering health care costs without interfering with Americans' personal health care decisions or imposing punishing burdens on job creators."

Gun Control

What should be done to prevent more mass shootings in America?

Kasich says: Make it easier for Americans to own guns, so people can defend themselves.

From "Gov. John R. Kasich is a strong supporter of the right to bear arms and was endorsed by the National Rifle Association where he received an 'A' in his reelection last year for his support of the Second Amendment and for enacting sensible legislation to defend this basic, constitutional right."

Criminal Justice

Is police brutality against African Americans a problem?

Kasich says: Yes.

From CBS News: "Kasich... told CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett that he understands the concerns motivating the Black Lives Matter movement - and that he's leading the way in addressing them. "There are a lot of people in our inner cities who feel that the system... works against them," Kasich said, and "in some cases, they are" right. "I'm one governor who has also led on this issue," he added."


Should the government do more to prevent climate change due to burning of oil and gas?

Kasich says: No.

From NBC News: "I think that man absolutely affects the environment. But as to whether - you know, what the impact is, the overall impact, I think that's a legitimate debate.... So of course we have to be sensitive to it, but we don't to want destroy people's jobs based on some theory that's not proven."

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage should

Kasich says: Be legal.

From the National Review: ""I do believe in traditional marriage, but the court has ruled and it's time to move on," the Ohio governor told John Dickerson on CBS' Sunday edition of Face the Nation."


How should America fight ISIS?

Kasich says: Send U.S. troops.

From CNN: ""Mark my words ... at some point it will require boots on the ground from the world to be able to deal with this [ISIS] problem," [Kasich] told CNN's Gloria Borger in an interview that will air Sunday on "State of the Union.""


How should America respond to Russian aggression?

Kasich says: Push back, even if it risks war.

From the Washington Times: "Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Friday the United States should establish no-fly zones and sanctuaries along Syria's border with Jordan and Turkey, and warn aggressors, specifically Russian President Vladimir Putin, that they violate those buffers at their own risk."

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