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Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal (Republican, born June 10, 1971) is the current governor of Louisiana having served in that capacity since 2007. He is the first Indian American governor in the United States. Prior to being governor, he served in the U.S. House of Representatives having won election in 2004 and re-election in 2006. (Wikipedia)

View his positions on the issues

Jindal's positions on the issues:


Is it important to tax the rich more to reduce the wealth gap?

Jindal says: No.

From "My tax plan lowers the tax bracket for every American, and it dramatically simplifies the tax code for every American. To grow the American economy we must reduce our tax burden and make taxes simpler. My plan has only three rates - 2 percent, 10 percent, and 25 percent. Most Americans will be in the 10 percent bracket."


How should we deal with illegal immigrants?

Jindal says: Allow them to become legal residents.

From PBS: "Jindal laid out his immigration position in a 2013 op-ed that called for the U.S. to first secure the southern border and to then set up a system where those in the country illegally could first get a legal status and later apply for citizenship."

The Deficit

Should the government be allowed to borrow more money even though it is already in debt?

Jindal says: No.

From the Times-Picayune: "Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has lent his voice to an ever-growing group of conservative policymakers who are calling for a national convention to add a balanced-budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

Health Care

How should the government ensure that Americans receive health care?

Jindal says: Repeal ObamaCare and let people buy insurance if they want.

From "Five years after being enacted into law, Obamacare's massive government overreach and higher taxes continue to wreak havoc on the American economy and health care system. The unpopular, unworkable, and misguided law should be repealed in its entirety.... Rather than focusing on the liberal shibboleth of "universal coverage" - forcing individuals to buy a plan under pain of taxation, and raising health spending through new mandates and taxes - the American health system should be focused on containing the rising tide of health costs."

Gun Control

What should be done to prevent more mass shootings in America?

Jindal says: Make it easier for Americans to own guns, so people can defend themselves.

From Breitbart: "Appearing on Fox News's Neil Cavuto show on Thursday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said President Obama's use of the horrific shooting in Charleston to call for gun control is "completely shameful."... "I'm not for stopping law-abiding citizens from being able to exercise their Second Amendment rights," he added."

Criminal Justice

Is police brutality against African Americans a problem?

Jindal says: No. Aside from rare instances, police officers already treat African Americans fairly.

From the Guardian: "On Saturday Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor who has not yet declared his candidacy for the GOP nomination, accused the president of having a divisive tone on race. Jindal was responding to a question about recent riots in Baltimore which followed the death in police custody of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African American man."We're not just talking about Baltimore or some of the incidents recently, but I've said I think for quite some time the president continues to divide us," Jindal told reporters following a speech at the South Carolina Freedom Summit, a conservative gathering of grassroots activists."


Should the government do more to prevent climate change due to burning of oil and gas?

Jindal says: No.

From U.S. News: "Hours after assuring reporters he believed "human activity is having an impact on the climate," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal - a presumptive Republican candidate for President in 2016 - told the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday that global warming amounts to "simply a Trojan horse" for more government regulation."

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage should

Jindal says: Be illegal.

From the Times-Picayune: "The Supreme Court decision today conveniently and not surprisingly follows public opinion polls, and tramples on states' rights that were once protected by the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. Marriage between a man and a woman was established by God, and no earthly court can alter that."


How should America fight ISIS?

Jindal says: Send U.S. troops.

From the Times-Picayune: "[Jindal] said a president who cannot call the enemy "radical Islamic terrorists," or is willing to rule out ground troops, except for very limited missions, isn't leading the United States to victory over a brutal enemy that he says only can be stopped by killing them."


How should America respond to Russian aggression?

Jindal says: Push back, even if it risks war.

From CNN: "Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Monday joined the chorus of Republicans urging President Barack Obama to take a stronger stance against Russia and arm the Ukrainians.... Jindal argued that the U.S. needs to change Russian President Vladimir Putin's "calculus" by providing weapons and assistance to the Ukrainian government in their fight against Russian-backed separatists."

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