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Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee (Republican, born August 24, 1955) served as governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. He is the second Republican to serve as governor of the state since the 19th century. He is an ordained Southern Baptist Minister and was the president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. From 2008 to 2015, he hosted the Fox News Channel talk show "Huckabee." (Wikipedia)

View his positions on the issues

Huckabee's positions on the issues:


Is it important to tax the rich more to reduce the wealth gap?

Huckabee says: No, and we should have a flat tax so everyone's tax rate is the same.

From "[Huckabee's proposed flat-rate] FairTax is the only plan that lowers everyone's tax rates, untaxes the poor, broadens the tax base, and helps protect Social Security and Medicare."


How should we deal with illegal immigrants?

Huckabee says: Deport them.

From PBS: "Huckabee has opposed any comprehensive immigration plan that gives most undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship. His 2007 immigration plan bolstered border security and required anyone in the country illegally to register with authorities and leave the country within 120 days."

The Deficit

Should the government be allowed to borrow more money even though it is already in debt?

Huckabee says: No.

From "The Obama Administration has saddled Americans with trillions and trillions in new government debt. Enough is enough... As Governor, I could not simply print money - I balanced the budget ten years in a row. I will take that experience to the White House and rein-in Washington's reckless, runaway spending."

Health Care

How should the government ensure that Americans receive health care?

Huckabee says: Repeal ObamaCare and let people buy insurance if they want.

From "ObamaCare is a $2.2 trillion disaster that dumps millions of people into a broken, expensive system and does nothing to fix the basic problems everyday Americans face... As President, I will repeal ObamaCare and fight for real health care reform."

Gun Control

What should be done to prevent more mass shootings in America?

Huckabee says: Make it easier for Americans to own guns, so people can defend themselves.

From "As President, I will: [d]efend the 2nd Amendment, [o]ppose new gun control laws, [p]rotect the rights of gun owners from Big Government, [and] [o]ppose new gun restrictions, registrations, regulations & mandates."

Criminal Justice

Is police brutality against African Americans a problem?

Huckabee says: No. Aside from rare instances, police officers already treat African Americans fairly.

From CNN: "Mike Huckabee says Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be "appalled" by the Black Lives Matter movement, and that "it's more of a sin problem than a skin problem.""


Should the government do more to prevent climate change due to burning of oil and gas?

Huckabee says: No.

From Breitbart: ""I know that when I was in college I was being taught that if we didn't act very quickly, that we were going to be entering a global freezing. Go back and look at the covers of Time and Newsweek from the early '70s. And were told that if we didn't do something by 1980, we'd be popsicles. Now we're told that we're all burning up. Science is not as settled on that as it is on some things.""

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage should

Huckabee says: Be illegal.

From "I may stand alone, but I am absolutely faithful to the issue of marriage. Not because it's politically expedient, but because it's the Biblical position, the historical position and the right position. We must defend, protect and preserve traditional marriage."


How should America fight ISIS?

Huckabee says: Airstrikes and support for other countries to fight ISIS.

From CBS: "[One] thing we should do is make sure that wherever there's an ISIS target that we bomb the daylights out of it... We don't leave anything off the table. But if there's going to be boots [on the ground], there have to be more than just U.S. boots. There's got to be some boots that come from the Saudis, the Jordanians, and others."


How should America respond to Russian aggression?

Huckabee says: Push back, even if it risks war.

From Huckabee's Facebook account: "President Obama has already placed sanctions on a number of Russian businesses over Putin's aggression against Ukraine, and it hasn't fazed him.... "When you create a military vacuum, something fills it." If it's not America, then God help us all."

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