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Ben Carson

Ben Carson (Republican, born September 18, 1951) is a former neurosurgeon who was recognized with a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his medical achievements. He was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until his retirement in 2013, after which he developed a reputation as an author and political commentator. Among his achievements as a surgeon were separation of conjoined twins, and a technique for controlling brain seizures. (Wikipedia)

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Carson's positions on the issues:


Is it important to tax the rich more to reduce the wealth gap?

Carson says: No, and we should have a flat tax so everyone's tax rate is the same.

From Fox News: "In an interview with FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney, Dr. Ben Carson laid out his tax plan that is based on tithing. "You make $10 billion, you pay a billion. You make $10, you pay one [dollar]."... He said the flat-tax rate would remain revenue-neutral. "It would have to be somewhere between 10 and 15 percent, early on probably higher, over the course of time lower," he said."


How should we deal with illegal immigrants?

Carson says: Allow them to become legal residents.

From Fox News: "We have to recognize that we can't just round [all the illegal immigrants] up, but we can get them an opportunity to register. I would give them a six-month period. And if they register and they have a pristine record, they haven't been causing problems, I would give them the opportunity to become guest workers, not citizens, not voting people, not people who get, you know goodies."

The Deficit

Should the government be allowed to borrow more money even though it is already in debt?

Carson says: No.

From "We must ratify a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution in order to restore fiscal responsibility to the federal government's budget. The career politicians in Washington have demonstrated beyond even a shadow of a doubt that they won't get serious about balancing the budget and paying down the debt until we MANDATE that it be done by constitutional amendment."

Health Care

How should the government ensure that Americans receive health care?

Carson says: Repeal ObamaCare and let people buy insurance if they want.

From "We didn't need the monstrosity of the $1.2 trillion Affordable Care Act. Even after it is fully implemented for 10 years, 23 million people still won't have any health insurance... More freedom and less government in our health care system will mean lower costs, more access, and continued innovation."

Gun Control

What should be done to prevent more mass shootings in America?

Carson says: Make it easier for Americans to own guns, so people can defend themselves.

From "I cannot and will not support any efforts to weaken The 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is a central pillar of our Constitution. Our Founding Fathers added it explicitly in order to protect freedom in the United States of America. It provides our citizens the right to protect themselves from threats foreign or domestic."

Criminal Justice

Is police brutality against African Americans a problem?

Carson says: No. Aside from rare instances, police officers already treat African Americans fairly.

From NBC News: ""I really have a tremendous amount of respect for the police because they put their lives on the line every day for us, and they are the very last people that we should be targeting," he said."


Should the government do more to prevent climate change due to burning of oil and gas?

Carson says: No.

From Bloomberg: ""There's always going to be either cooling or warming going on," the potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate said in an interview this weekend in Des Moines, Iowa. "As far as I'm concerned, that's irrelevant. What is relevant is that we have an obligation and a responsibility to protect our environment.""

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage should

Carson says: Be illegal.

From PBS: "In a statement issued after the Supreme Court ruling [on gay marriage], Carson wrote that he disagrees with the decision to legalize same-sex marriage but that it is now the law of the land. The physician previously has argued that homosexuality is a choice and that he personally believes marriage is between a man and a woman."


How should America fight ISIS?

Carson says: Send U.S. troops.

From Fox News: "I would use every resource available [to fight ISIS]: military, banking, sanctions, you name it, and I would not hesitate to put boots on the ground. We need to be the leaders. The coalition will form, if it has a leader."


How should America respond to Russian aggression?

Carson says: Push back, even if it risks war.

From "The United States must be resolute in the face of [] Russian transgressions... President Putin must come to learn that there will be grave and serious consequences when Russia engages in naked aggression against other sovereign nations and free peoples. All options should remain on the table when dealing with international bullies such as President Putin."

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